Liquid Injection

What is the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit?

Premier Tech recommends a customized equipment, such as the Dosatron® Injection System, for the application of its liquid inoculants. Designed for an easy application of AGTIV® liquid products, the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit operates off the main solution flow of existing in-furrow application systems.


How to get it?

To operate your equipment with the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit, you can purchase one of these components through your local retailer:

Name Product Code
1 AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit (2% Dosatron® pump) 710070
2 AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit (5% Dosatron® pump) 710074
3 5% Dosatron® pump for AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit 710075
4 AGTIV® Liquid Agitation Kit 710080

Talk to your representative about the end-of-season pay-back programs available for the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit and the AGTIV® Liquid Agitation Kit.


How to install?

Consult the installation guide presenting the easy steps to prepare the injection kit and install it on the existing in-furrow system. The installation of the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit requires approval by a Premier Tech representative. In this regard, pictures of the installation must be sent before usage to Premier Tech at the following email address: [email protected].

How to apply?

A good and efficient inoculant needs a good and efficient application to thrive and perform. Look at the application video below to know the rules to follow. On the planter, make sure to remove all cylinder screens by the nozzles.

Consult the application chart to know the appropriate application and injection rate.

Ask your representative for more info. Refer to the lists of compatible pesticides and liquid fertilizers.

How to take care of the equipment?

End-of-day clean out

Ensure to clean out all remaining product in the lines at the end of your work day.


At all times, AGTIV® equipment, its maintenance and operation are the responsibility of the grower. The warranty on AGTIV® equipment is limited to the warranty offered by the manufacturer, C&R Supply. Any after-sale service must be addressed directly to the manufacturer.  


Carefully dry all components of the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit. Remove the check valve at the base of the Dosatron® to dry it well. DO NOT put antifreeze in the Dosatron®. Put a small quantity of antifreeze in the tank of the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit. Remove the solution hose from the Dosatron®. To learn more, watch the winterizing video for the Dosatron®


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" […] an excellent return on my investment."


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AGTIV crop rotation inoculants
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  • Reach more nutrients & water
  • Ensure an early P uptake
  • Increase your yield potential


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Milestone Treater

When applying AGTIV® REACH™ L POTATO using the Milestone seed-piece treater, please validate with your representative that the atomising head and the mixing paddles correspond to Premier Tech’s approved specifications.

Required pieces Product Code
1 Milestone Atomizing Disk 710071
2 Milestone Atomizing Hub 710072
3 Milestone Mixing Paddles 710073

Ask your representative or click to learn more about the end-of-season pay-back program offered.

For more applications details on the effective use of Milestone equipment with AGTIV®REACH™ L POTATO, look at this application video:


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From innovation to highly efficient agriculture products
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Strongly embedded in our DNA, Premier Tech’s innovation program has supported the creation and continuous improvement of our high-quality AGTIV® product offer.

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Powder Applicator

AGTIV® powder products get better uniformity of application using a powder applicator at the base of the grain auger.

Premier Tech recommends two models of powder applicators to use with the powder products:

  1. Nuttall Seed Inoculator
  2. Inoculator Seed treater

Ask your representative or click to learn more about the end-of-season pay-back program available.


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Premier Tech's Expertise

Did you know that AGTIV® was born from Premier Tech's know-how & innovation in biological active ingredients? 


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