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From innovation to highly efficient agriculture products
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How Premier Tech brings real value to growers

Strongly embedded in our DNA, Premier Tech’s innovation program has supported the creation and continuous improvement of our high-quality AGTIV® product offer.


With Premier Tech "focusing on investing in organisms that actually create value in helping plants produce more yield, it's been a great fit for us", says Craig Davidson, President of Taurus Agricultural Marketing, about INNOVATION at Premier Tech. 

INNOVATION : an integral part of Premier Tech collective DNA

At Premier Tech, Innovation goes beyond the concept of research and development. More than a process leading to the creation of new products, it is a state of mind that is strongly embedded in our corporate DNA. Always seeking to create unique and addictive experiences for our clients, we simply never cease to push the boundaries of our abilities, competencies and technological platforms.

We first structured our Innovation efforts and approach back in 1983, driven by the ambition of developing value-added products derived from peat moss through technological advances. Today, more than 260 Premier Tech team members are devoted full-time to mastering the technologies behind the next leading-edge solutions that will make a difference to our clients, helping them stand out in their marketplaces. 

In our state of the art labs and testing facilities, highly experienced and trained engineers, scientists, and specialists from various fields collaborate on a daily basis to maximize the outcomes of applied research and turn them into breakthrough products.

Driven by a collective Culture and rooted in Values which revolve around our tradition of Innovation, the entire Premier Tech team holds a restless ambition to shake up the status quo and shift industry paradigms. Through the current innovation program IPSO: Innovation in Products-Processes, Services and commercial Offers, we are constantly challenging the way we do business and how we can improve everything we do

Innovation at Premier Tech

This mindset is key to how we operate on a daily basis. Contributing to the loyalty of our clients around the world, it sets the ground rules for how collaborating with Premier Tech turns out to be a contagious experience they are willing to share with others.

We deeply believe that in order to continue to be sustainable and grow our market share, it is essential to never let our innovative spirit rest — to keep pushing forward and eliminate any barriers on the path to bringing new technologies, products and services to life in the marketplace. With the agility to truly make a difference by tapping into our full potential, we create value for our clients, and ultimately ensure our continued relevance as a strategic partner.

Premier Tech's innovation to create value

Creativity is a mix of knowledge, expertise and passion for unprecedented efficient solutions. Innovation, Research & Development and biological active ingredients have combined forces to put established commercial offers to the agricultural market.

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