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Premier Tech's Expertise
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Production – Formulation – Application – Service

Did you know that AGTIV® was born from Premier Tech's know-how & innovation in biological active ingredients? 




Established manufacturer and marketer, Premier Tech builds on innovation and collaboration with local partners and growers to offer reliable high-quality inoculants. Every day, in our labs, facilities and in the field, highly experienced engineers, scientists, and specialists from various domains collaborate to maximize the outcomes of research and turn them into effective products bringing value to customers.


In 2000, Premier Tech set up a world-first endomycorrhizal inoculum plant, developing a new mycoreactor process for industrial scale production. Backed by 40 years of expertise in active ingredients, Premier Tech constantly develops and innovates in terms of production of mycorrhizae, rhizobium, Serendipita, Bacillus and other active ingredients:

  • No contamination through a strictly controlled and aseptic environment
  • Large-scale manufacturing production
  • Consistent high-quality inoculum


Premier Tech’s know-how makes it possible to adapt formulations with multiple active ingredients, concentrations and carriers tailored to different crops and application methods. Our proven formulations are based on these important elements:

  • Carrier compatible with the active ingredients
  • Formulations that guarantee active ingredient viability until use
  • Quality control at several key points ensuring the performance of active ingredients


Each recommendation for product use takes into consideration validation by our field experts and by farmers themselves, which ensures:

  • Effective application rates, at the right time and place, with the right inoculant
  • Products adapted to growers’ equipment
  • Easy integration into farming practices
  • Validation of compatibility with other agricultural inputs


The AGTIV® experience combines highly effective value-added products and the access to a team of field experts dedicated to supporting your growth. From our management team and research project managers to our field specialists, our multidisciplinary team is listening to growers’ needs to always improve our products and level of service:

  • Technical support for product application, equipment compatibility and field demonstration
  • Proud promoter of science education and knowledge sharing
  • Partnership with agriculture retailers throughout Canada, the United States and Europe

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