About us

In agriculture, science-based technologies such as biological active ingredients can play a key role in maximizing crop potential.

Strongly embedded in our collective DNA, Premier Tech’s innovation program has supported the creation and continuous improvement of our high-quality product offer, with mycorrhizae and rhizobium inoculants that bring real value to you.


AGTIV inoculants offer

AGTIV® is a commercial offer of Premier Tech. The company has been growing its leadership position globally for more than 95 years, driven by the collective power of its 4 500 team members in 26 countries. Leveraging its human capital as well as a deeply rooted Culture revolving around innovation and excellence, Premier Tech focuses its efforts in three core industries: Horticulture and Agriculture, Industrial Equipment and Environmental Technologies. Committed to the long-term success of its clients, the company maintains its quarter-century-long track record of solid growth, backed by its strong manufacturing and commercial expertise and far-reaching entrepreneurial approach.