About us

About us

Since entering the agriculture market 15 years ago, we are constantly widening our inoculant offering to suit and benefit more crops.

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Born from nature and perfected by science, AGTIV® is an innovative technology brand made of high-quality and proven natural active ingredients that deliver superior performance for agricultural producers.


Being true to the AGTIV® brand’s three pillars: NATURE, SCIENCE, and PERFORMANCE, our product names reflect the actions of our inoculants for plants.


These are the effects you can look forward to.

AGTIV Products new packages

AGTIV - Inoculant AGTIVAGTIV® REACH™ creates the expansion of the root network by hyphae to reach further and uptake more nutrients and water, increasing resistance to stresses. AGTIV® REACH™ ensures your plants are stronger, healthier and more vigorous.

AGTIV Inoculant - FUELAGTIV® FUEL™ brings the power of nitrogen to the plant for faster and stronger growth. AGTIV® FUEL™ gives the plant the push it needs to achieve its potential.

AGTIV inoculant - IGNITEAGTIV® IGNITE™ improves plant growth by mitigating abiotic environmental stresses. It ignitesplant development with early establishment, increases chlorophyll content, and enhances yield.
AGTIV Inoculant - THRIVEAGTIV® THRIVE™ helps plants flourish by improving the fixation and uptake of nitrogen, nutrients and water, while protecting against stressors like drought and soil compaction. AGTIV® THRIVE™ contributes to better growth, thus increasing crop yield and quality.

AGTIV inoculant - ENRICHAGTIV® ENRICH™ helps plants uptake more nitrogen for stronger growth. The result: healthier plants with more consistent yields.

AGTIV Inoculant - STIMULATEAGTIV® STIMULATE™ provides a healthy root zone which leads to better yield. As a root colonizer, it stimulates the plant to grow more efficiently

For now 100 years Premier Tech has been growing along with producers. Being a world leader in the industrial production of mycorrhizal inoculants has inspired us to go further in our search for natural technologies. Since then, we have introduced the benefits of Bacillus, rhizobium, and Serendipita to the agricultural market. Furthermore, we have combined these powerful technologies to improve the quality and crop yields for the benefit of our clients.

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