To ensure performance through efficient and precise application of its inoculants, Premier Tech recommends the use of approved equipment, supported by pay-back programs on selected AGTIV® products. See below the various programs:


The AGTIV® liquid products should be applied using the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit, integrating a Dosatron® pump. It is easy to install on your existing in-furrow application system and operates off the main solution flow. 

Your AGTIV® local retailer or representative can help you choose the appropriate equipment (see components below), from a new injection kit to a liquid agitation upgrade to your existing AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit.

Name Product Code
1 AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit (2% Dosatron® pump) 710070
2 AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit (5% Dosatron® pump) 710074
3 5% Dosatron® pump for AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit 710075
4 AGTIV® Liquid Agitation Kit 710080

Upon presentation of a proof of purchase (grower invoice from the dealer) for the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit and AGTIV® liquid products, Premier Tech agrees to return to the dealer a five percent (5%) refund on the total purchases of eligible AGTIV® liquid products for the following two (2) seasons.

Contact your representative to learn more about the end-of-season pay-back programs available for the AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit and the AGTIV® Upgrade Kit.



To operate your Milestone seed-piece treater to apply AGTIV® REACH™ L POTATO, you need to purchase these components through your local retailer:

Required pieces Product Code
1 Milestone Atomizing Disk 710071
2 Milestone Atomizing Hub 710072
3 Milestone Mixing Paddles 710073

Ask your representative for more details about the end-of-season pay-back program available.


Caring about its clients’ performance, Premier Tech has a list of recommended applicators to use with AGTIV® powder products that are supported by an end-of-season pay-back program.

Contact your representative to learn more.

Retailer Fridge

Premier Tech recommends to its retailer network to purchase a fridge that can effectively store AGTIV® liquid products between 2°C and 8 °C.

Once the retailer has purchased the recommended fridge and upon presentation of the invoice, Premier Tech agrees to refund 5% of AGTIV® liquid products purchased by the retailer. The total amount of the refund to the retailer will end once the total amount of payment for the fridge is attained. At all times, the fridge, its maintenance and functioning remain the responsibility of the retailer.

Contact your representative to learn more about the Retailer Fridge Program.

Sales Incentives

In complement to the AGTIV® reliable inoculant offer and the field experts dedicated to technical support (product application, equipment compatibility, and field demonstration), Premier Tech also offers advantageous sales programs to its continuously growing retailer network throughout Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Ask your representative or local retailer to learn more about the AGTIV® sales programs such as:

"Early booking - Early pay" program

The sooner you book, the greater the discount! Book before November 25th to take advantage of our discounts!