Field crops


You want to increase your yields of alfalfa, mix forages and grass? Discover the effectiveness of our product and how he integrates seamlessly into your farming practices.

Easy to use

The strength of the AGTIV® product line undoubtedly lies in the fact that it will easily integrate into your farming practices, allowing you to fully benefit from the potential of mycorrhizae. 


AGTIV® products are frequently analyzed and tested very rigorously, both by our team and by the farmers themselves. See how our product can make a difference in your forage field.

By enhancing root system growth and creating a network of filaments, mycorrhizae help plants uptake more water and nutrients, such as phosphorus, and increase rhizobium’s nodulation process. 

Observe in the pictures below how AGTIV® positively impacts the plants (vs. untreated) for an earlier and more efficient use of water and nutrients, helping plants reach optimum crop yield.

AGTIV Get an early start AGTIV Reach more nutrients AGTIV Harvest proven results

Better developed
root system
with more branching


Increased plant
health & growth

Quicker row closure
& improved
top growth


More uniform
& greener field

Bigger root system
with more
fibrous roots


More yield
per plant

Greener and denser alfalfa, Québec (Canada), 2016
More uniform and greener field, Québec (Canada), 2016
Better developed plants | Larger roots, France, 2018

Proven results

Lead the way with AGTIV® and get sustainable results in the field with our highly effective product for your forage crops.