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Dominique Bard & Amélie Tremblay, Ferme Barjo – Baie-Saint-Paul, QC, Canada

"An investment that easily pays for itself!"


"This is our third year using MYKE® PRO (now named AGTIV®) for our barley and oat crops. Our soils are light and we noticed that the plants are much more resistant to drought since we apply the product on our crops. The crop is much less prone to lodging and the grain has a much higher weight per hectolitre (62.63 kg/hl compared to 58.59 kg/hl)."

Dominique Bard & Amélie Tremblay, Ferme Barjo – Baie-Saint-Paul, QC, Canada

Season summary:

  • better tolerance to drought
  • better root systems and plant survival rates
  • increased yield

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