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AGTIV season kickoff 2024
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Maximizing Agricultural Potential in 2024 with AGTIV®

  • Celebrating 100 Years, and Beyond
  • Key Highlights from the AGTIV® Product Portfolio
  • New Innovations for Potato Producers
  • Success Factor for Canola and Cereals Producers

Maximizing Agricultural Potential in 2024 with AGTIV®

As you prepare to embark on the 2024 agricultural season, Premier Tech AGTIV® invites you to explore the exciting opportunities and innovations we have in store. Our newly unveiled AGTIV® catalog, coupled with the details of our cutting-edge AGTIV® NEW ACRE incentive program, promise to empower your farm like never before.

Listen to Marc Béland, Premier Tech's Senior Director, Agriculture Market, as he shares several key elements that will help you make informed choices for the coming season.

Celebrating 100 years, and beyond

In 2023, Premier Tech proudly celebrated a century of unwavering commitment and growth. Our dedication to innovation remains strong as we continually strive to provide state-of-the-art products and solutions for the agricultural landscape. Additionally, this year marks four decades of expertise and progress in the realm of biological active ingredients, all aimed at optimizing plant growth.

We invite all stakeholders in the agriculture sector to tap into our extensive knowledge and harness the potential of our products, with a special focus on our highly effective MULTI-ACTION inoculants, which have consistently demonstrated remarkable returns on investment.

Key Highlights from the AGTIV® Product Portfolio

  • AGTIV® THRIVE™: Our flagship multi-action product beautifully showcases the powerful synergy between nitrogen-fixing rhizobium and nutrient/water-absorbing mycorrhizae. It comes conveniently packaged for on-farm application, offering substantial benefits to crops such as peas, lentils, soybeans, and chickpeas.
  • AGTIV® ENRICH™: This seed-applied solution for soybeans emphasizes the remarkable synergy between nitrogen-fixing bradyrhizobium and the biostimulant Bacillus pumilus, gaining increasing popularity among

New Innovations for Potato Producers

We are thrilled to introduce two groundbreaking products tailored exclusively for potato producers:

  • AGTIV® REACH™ P POTATO: A wettable powder product boasting the highest mycorrhizal spore count on the market. For optimal results, we recommend using it in conjunction with our in-furrow Dosatron injection kit.
  • AGTIV® STIMULATE™ L: A single-action Bacillus inaquosorum designed to nurture a thriving rooting environment. We strongly recommend combining AGTIV® STIMULATE™ with AGTIV® REACH™ potato to unlock the synergistic potential of Bacillus and mycorrhizae, ultimately enhancing the marketable yields of your potato crop.

Success Factor for Canola and Cereals Producers

In conclusion, it is crucial to incorporate AGTIV® IGNITE™ with Serendipita into your crop strategies for canola and cereals in the upcoming year. This liquid inoculant has the power to ignite your crop's potential by improving photosynthesis, increasing nutrient absorption, and optimizing water management. Remarkably, AGTIV® IGNITE™ has consistently delivered impressive yield improvements for both canola and cereal crops.

For a comprehensive understanding of these products and their myriad benefits, explore our online toolbox and delve into our informative blogs. You'll find the latest efficacy reports from our third-party trials in 2023, alongside a wealth of educational content.

We wish you successful planning.