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POTATO • Liquid Inoculant

AGTIV® STIMULATE™ L POTATO is a single action inoculant with Bacillus that STIMULATE potatoes to grow more efficiently with a healthy root system. This liquid inoculant is used for in-furrow application. *product available in Canada only*

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Directions for use

In-furrow application - AGTIV Liquid Injection Kit

The AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit, integrating a Dosatron® pump, is a customized equipment designed for the precise application of AGTIV® liquid products.  It is easy to install on your existing in-furrow application system and operates off the main solution flow.


• Ensure the tank and the liquid injection system are clean and free of
chemical residues, and agitation system is operational.
• On the planter, remove all cylinder screens by the nozzles or use
filters with openings of at least 50 mesh (0.28 mm).
• Prepare your product mixture and adjust the Dosatron
® injection rate following the calculation chart and application video.
• Spray band width should be limited to 7 in (18 cm) or less.
• If the mixture does not contain pesticides or fertilizers, it can be
emptied, refrigerated and used within 24 hours.

In-furrow application - Tank mix


  • Use filters with openings of at least 50 mesh (0.28 mm).
  • Use a diaphragm (or peristaltic) pump for product application.
  • Up and down agitation at all times in the tank.
  • Spray band width should be limited to 7 in (18 cm) or less.
  • Apply within 6 hours after mixing into the liquid tank.
  • See the application video.


Active ingredient

BACILLUS – PTB185 Technology
Bacillus inaquosorum (formerly known as Bacillus subtilis.)
2 X 109 spores viables par gramme (ml)

Storage and handling

  • Store in a dry cool place.
  • Do not freeze or expose to intense heat
  • Respect the best before date on the label


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