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Have a Good 2023 Season
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Have a Good 2023 Season!

Marc Béland, Senior Director - Agriculture at Premier Tech, is wishing everyone a great 2023 season!

Learn what's new at AGTIV this year!

Have a Good 2023 Season!

As the seeding season gets underway, Marc Béland, Premier Tech's Senior Director, Agriculture Market, sends you his best wishes for the season and shares several key elements that will help you make informed choices for the coming seasons.

Two new products we can't pass up:   

  • AGTIV® IGNITE™ L for canola and cereals that made its debut this past year. This Serendipita PTB299-based inoculant maximizes your yields and increases the oil content of your canola crops.  
  • Our newest addition to the market: AGTIV® STIMULATE™ POTATO - Bacillus PTB185 inoculant to combine with AGTIV® REACH™ L POTATO, mycorrhizal inoculant PTB297. This dual-action combination is proven to maximize your plant health and saleable potato yields.  

If you havent already done so, visit our toolbox. You will find :  

  • Our new crop guides, optimized for online viewing with all the information you'll need about the AGTIV® product line.  
  • The 2022 Trials yield summaries, where you will find the results of our latest comparative field trials.  

We wish you an excellent 2023 season!