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Roots colonized with AGTIV rhizobium inoculant
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What's new in rhizobium inoculant?

New liquid inoculants to give all growers access to the AGTIV® high-quality rhizobium inoculant in the formulation they need for pulses and soybeans.

AGTIV® soybean, lentil & pea inoculant now available for liquid in-furrow

Known as an important input for legume crops, AGTIV® now offers soybean, lentil & pea inoculant in liquid form for in-furrow application. This new high-quality liquid inoculant is a great addition to our pulses and soybean product line offered in the formulation you need depending on your application mode (granular, powder or liquid).

New liquid rhizobium inoculant

Rhizobia species are host-specific (legume) in order to make nodules and fix nitrogen; the right species must be applied to the right legume plant. The AGTIV® rhizobium product offer in liquid form is available for pulses (peas, lentils and fababeans) and also for soybean crops:

Lentil and pea inoculant in liquid form Soybean liquid inoculant




Active ingredient

PTB160 technology – Rhizobium leguminosarum 
biovar viciae

PTB162 technology – Bradyrhizobium japonicum


8 L (8 kg)

11 L (11 kg)


6 x 109 viable cells per gram

8 x 109 viable cells per gram


32 ha (80 acres)

16 ha (40 acres)

Application rate

250 ml/ha (100 ml/acre)

687 ml/ha (278 ml/acre)

Benefits of these new soybean, lentil and pea inoculants in liquid form:

  1. Highly-effective strains (from PTB160 & PTB162 technologies) for optimum nodulation
  2. Proven formulations that guarantee active ingredient viability until use
  3. Easy-to-apply bag-in-box for an effective and uniform application (can be applied using AGTIV® Liquid Injection Kit)
  4. Compatible for use with liquid starter fertilizer (do not tank mix)

Benefits of rhizobium on plants

"Research has shown that the biological nitrogen fixation process is the most efficient way to supply the large amounts of nitrogen needed by legumes to produce high-yielding crops with a high protein content." 1

Inoculating plants at seeding with a rhizobium inoculant will increase the quantity of nitrogen-fixing bacteria which will enhance the symbiotic nodulation process on the roots and nitrogen fixation for the plant (the conversion of nitrogen gas to plant-available ammonium).

Nitrogen fixation process active on inoculated nodule

The red color in the nodule indicated that the nitrogen fixation process is active.

3 key benefits of rhizobium inoculation:

  • Increased nodulation
  • Enhanced nitrogen fixation
  • Increased legume productivity

Get more from your liquid inoculants

Nitrogen fixation is an energy expensive process, so legumes associated with N-fixing rhizobia also require more P than other plants. Mycorrhizae are good partners for the plant to reach and transfer more P and nutrients from the soil, so it can supply the needed P to the rhizobia. In other words, mycorrhizae work in symbiosis with rhizobium and plants for a better nutrient use efficiency resulting in a better growth and higher yield from each legume plant. That is called the "tripartite symbiosis".

You can benefit from this tripartite symbiosis with AGTIV® dual technology available in three formulations (liquid, powder, granular) for pulses and soybeans. By combining the new rhizobium inoculant in liquid form with the mycorrhizal inoculant (AGTIV® REACH™ L), growers now have access to the formulation they need and, at the same time, benefit from the tripartite symbiosis.

A sneak peak on PT innovation process

Thanks Premier Tech’s Innovation Program and team members’ collaboration, the new high-quality liquid inoculants are a meaningful addition in the AGTIV® product offer. Seeking to create unique experiences for its clients, Premier Tech is always listening to growers’ needs in the field to continuously improve the AGTIV® product line to make a difference on crop productivity.

As expressed by Pierre Talbot, Senior Vice-President Innovation, “There are those who seek to create new products. And there are companies like Premier Tech that redefine the very process of innovation.”

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1 Soil Improvements With Legumes, Government of Saskatchewan: