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What’s new for 2021 AGTIV inoculants!
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What’s new for 2021

  • New products
  • New applications
  • Same high-quality inoculants!

We’re starting a new ag season!

2020 has been a one-of-a-kind year due to the pandemic. It has also shed light on the essential role you play in our life, which is to feed the world. Premier Tech is privileged to be part of the dedicated members of the agricultural community!

As a proud Canadian company since 1923, Premier Tech has deep roots in many industries such as horticulture, water treatment, and also industrial equipment as a leader in the seed industry. With a strong manufacturing foothold in a total of 27 countries, Premier Tech conducts sales in more than 100 countries all around the globe.

You can count on Premier Tech and AGTIV® during the next season to help you REACH MORE profitability with healthier crops! “REACH MORE with AGTIV®” also means that you get more reliable inoculant options when you're looking to increase your profitability with healthier crops. Watch now Marc Beland, Senior Director for the agriculture market at Premier Tech, who is proud to present the new products for the 2021 season.

What’s new for 2021

AGTIV rhizobium inoculant for ON SEED powder application


This new high-quality single action rhizobium inoculant perfectly completes our offer for pulses in each formulation needed to integrate into growers' practices.

AGTIV liquid rhizobium inoculants for ON SEED application

ON SEED Liquid application

Treat your pea, lentil, faba bean, and soybean seeds. Always the same highly effective rhizobium inoculant in the application method that fits your farming practices!

AGTIV CHICKPEA Powder with mycorrhizae and rhizobium


This new dual inoculant in powder form combines the mycorrhizal inoculant with rhizobium for chickpea growers to benefit from the tripartite symbiosis.


Premier Tech and AGTIV® products can make a difference for the growth of your business.

Make sure you get the new 2021 brochure and programs by contacting your AGTIV® representative. Our experts are also available all year for technical support (product application, equipment compatibility, field demonstrations, etc.), or presentations about our expertise with active ingredients and the benefits of the AGTIV® reliable inoculants.

AGTIV 2021 brochure for WESTERN CANADA              AGTIV 2021 brochure for EASTERN CANADA