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Reach more with AGTIV reliable inoculants (mycorrhizae and rhizobium)
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Using a Premier Tech mycorrhizal inoculant, plants develop a secondary root system (mycorrhizal hyphae) leading to increased soil contact surface for better nutrients and water uptake. REACH more profitability with healthier crops!

Mycorrhizae fungi form a network of filaments that associate with plant roots, and draw nutrients and water from the soil that the root system would not be able to access alone. This fungi-plant alliance stimulates plant growth and health, while also improving soil structure.

Backed by more than 35 years of expertise in biological active ingredients, you can count on AGTIV® reliable inoculants: the only brand on the market to have the powerful combination of mycorrhizae and rhizobium. Available in different formulations, use them on the farm with confidence to push crops’ yield potential thanks to increased nutrient and water uptake.