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2022. The Passion of Innovation. The Will to Make it Better.
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2022. The passion of innovation. The will to make it better.

  • New products: AGTIV® ON SEED™ and Active ingredient for Canola
  • New applications
  • Same high-quality inoculants!

2022. The passion of innovation. The will to make it better.

At Premier Tech, we are committed to make a difference. This means finding innovative solutions that help feed, protect, and improve our world. To do so, we are creating sustainable solutions that help increase your crop yields.

With this in mind, we are proud to announce that the AGTIV® ingredients portfolio is getting bigger this year with the introduction of 2 new active ingredients: Bacillus pumilus and Serendipita indica.

Active ingredient for Canola

After years of research and development, we are introducing Serendipita indica, an endophyte inoculant that forms an association with roots of plants from the Brassicacea family such as canola. By inducing some of the plant gene expression, Serendipita indica promotes early seed germination, increases chlorophyll content, and improves plant establishment, growth and yield.


Premier Tech is proud to widen the range of its ON SEED™ products with the addition of Bacillus to the active ingredient’s family. Bacillus has been integrated within the AGTIV® BB COMBO for SOYBEAN allowing you to treat soybean seeds up to 30 days before seeding. Bacillus will produce a biofilm around the roots and stimulate the plant root system for better nutrients’ absorption, earlier seed germination and greater plant growth.

New in 2022

AGTIV - IGNITE-L - Canola Inoculant

AGTIV® IGNITE • L for Brassicaceae

Liquid inoculant for on seed application. Developed with PTB299 technology, the product contains the microorganism Serendipita indica


AGTIV - Combo liquid for soybean


Liquid inoculant for on seed application or precise in-furrow application.
Contains PTB162 (Bradyrhizobium japonicum) and PTB180 (Bacillus pumilus) technologies.


Making a difference for the growth of your business

Get the new 2022 brochure and programs by contacting your AGTIV® representative. Our experts are also available all year for technical support (product application, equipment compatibility, field demonstrations, etc.), or presentations about our expertise with active ingredients and the benefits of AGTIV® reliable inoculants.

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