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AGTIV makes a difference by helping Matt Beischlag manage drought and wet seasons.
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"It's a great product and we'll continue to keep using it."

Matt Beischlag
Cash crop farmer
Ontario (Canada)



"I think what makes agriculture real passionate for me is just seeing [...], what's come from my great-grandfather, my grandfather and my father, and how they've raised their family on their farm and now I have the fifth generation coming up behind me, and I just want to do the best I can every day to make a future for them and just like I've had before me."


"My name is Matt Beischlag. I've been farming all my life in Hagersville with my family. I've been farming full time since 2001. Our farm, we grow soybeans, wheat, a little bit of corn, red clover, and the main aspect of our farm is broiler chickens. So, I'm fourth generation. I've been lucky enough to see the past three generations farm. It's been quite an experience and I think it's just something you get into."


"Main challenges in agriculture today, we find on our farm, are weather-related. Working around weather. With the AGTIV® products, we've been using over the last five years, we've had great success with them. They've helped us manage drought, wet seasons.

The AGTIV® products that we've been using have helped us out immensely in the drought years and in the wet years. The worst we've ever seen the Premier Tech products do is pay for themselves in our trials on a drought year, and the best we've ever see them do is get us an extra eight bushels the acre on our soybeans.

Now, year after year, it's just normal practice to put this product in with our seed.

Our main goal for using AGTIV® products when we started was, ultimately, a higher yield, but, as years went on, we got to know how the mycorrhizal fungi work in the soil, and how they can benefit not just the soybeans, but all the other crops.

Now that we've gotten down to the point where we're using this every day, and we know how to use it, and how to put it on at a proper rate, we're quite confident, and yeah. It's an excellent product. It's easy to use. The packages, way they are is a one jug per 20 acres, and it fits rate very well with our planter, and the liquid system, it's easy to apply. I don't know why there's, I see no benefit in changing anything on it, up until this point.

I'm extremely happy with the results that we've seen off the AGTIV® products.

Our sales rep comes out and we've done root digs and there's an absolutely visual difference in treated versus non-treated."

"There's no question that's, it's a great product and we'll continue to keep using it."

Matt Beischlag
Cash crop farmer
Ontario (Canada)

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