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AGTIV 2023 Season Launch
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Season 2023 Brings a Wind of Change at AGTIV®!

  • New technologies
  • New product names
  • Same efficacy

It's the AGTIV® 2023 Season Launch!

Over the past year, our team has been working on the evolution of the AGTIV® brand. In this video, Marc Béland, Senior Director at Premier Tech, announces what is new at AGTIV®! With new technologies and new product names reflecting the actions our inoculants have on crops, we are sure that this 2023 season will be an exciting one!

With the AGTIV® offer, we are committed to ensuring greater growth and profitability for our customers by providing reliable ready-to-use products. AGTIV® inoculants are proven to increase the performance of your fields. Our solutions are natural, reliable, and sustainable; they are tried, tested, and effective.

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Season 2023 also comes with the consolidation of the AGTIV® product offer. What does it mean exactly? In this next video, Marc Béland explains the changes made to AGTIV® products’ application rates, concentration, and ingredients!

And last but not least, let’s talk about the new AGTIV® product names! This year, AGTIV® is launching new product names which represent the actions our inoculants have in the fields. Find out what your favourite product is now called in this video!

On behalf of the entire AGTIV® team, we are excited to keep going forward with you and we wish you a successful 2023 season!