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Hillside Gardens, Ray Horlings – Holland Marsh, ON, Canada

"We are excited about the results we’ve gotten!"


"When harvesting yellow onions, we got 100 bu more per acre with MYKE® PRO (now named AGTIV®); we also noticed there was less white rot in the treated section. For red onions, we got 50 bu more per acre with MYKE® PRO (now named AGTIV®). We are excited about the results we’ve gotten, and are looking foward to doing larger scale trials with MYKE® PRO (now named AGTIV®) in the future."

Ray Horlings, Hillside Gardens – Holland Marsh, ON, Canada

Season summary:

  • healthier plants
  • better tolerance to environmental stresses
  • increased yield 

2020 Efficacy Report

Consult the 2020 Efficacy Report to discover the proven results showing the effectiveness of the active ingredients contained in AGTIV® products and how it will make a difference in your fields.

Yield datas | AGTIV highly effective inoculants

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