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AGTIV makes a difference for Chris Stasko' potato crop quality and yield.
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"That's better for our quality and our yield when there's more in that desirable size profile."

Chris Stasko
Potato Farmer
Leamington, Ontario (Canada)



Chris Stasko is a potato farmer in Leamington, Ontario (Canada). "We grow potatoes, soybeans and field corn, and I've been involved in agriculture my whole life. I grew up on a farm and I'm still farming now."


"Everybody thinks that farming is just: "oh! you get up in the morning, gotta go feed the cows", but every day [...] is a different challenge, and I like that. Getting out of bed and I have to solve a new problem every day [...], and just being outside all the time. [...] It may not be the exact weather that you want, but being outside, and working with your hands, makes me feel proud about what I do."


"Everybody talks about climate change, but we deal with it on a day-to-day basis, and [for] every crop, you need the perfect amount of rain, the perfect amount of sunshine, [...] that's one of the main problems [...] It might be beautiful for someone that wants to go golfing, but we might need it to rain that day. And it's one of the things we can't control, and that's part of farming. So, you try to [...] set all your other variables that you can control, and the weather is the one you can't control. As with any product that you're introducing into your cropping system, your main goal is usually to increase quality and yield, and so that's the same thing when we started using this. Like is there an opportunity here for us to use this product, and get more yield and greater quality out of it? And so that's why we started using it."


"From AGTIV®, we like to see a consistent product, consistent results. We want to know if we're gonna use this every year, on these acres, we're gonna get the same. Doesn't matter if we have a dry year, or it's a wet year, it's a cold year. We want to know, okay, we're getting our money back by using this product, and we're gonna have good results with it. After using it over the last few years, we've seen good results. We found the way it fits into our system. We use it on a certain variety, and it gives us good results, it gives us more of a set profile, less under that two-inch size potato, and less on that oversized three-inch potato, and more on that desirable two to three-inch range that we want to see."

"And that's better for our quality and our yield when there's more in that desirable size profile."

Chris Stasko
Potato Farmer
Leamington, Ontario (Canada)

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