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July 17-19, 2018 – Saskatoon, SK (Canada)

Live Premier Tech’s experience during Ag in Motion 2018


Premier Tech is proud to be a part of Ag in Motion 2018

Follow this blog during Ag in Motion and experience how AGTIV® brings value to customers!
Looking forward to meeting you to discuss in Taurus’ booth #340.


How can you improve crop performance on canola stubble?

By adding AGTIV® inoculants containing mycorrhizae at seeding following a canola crop are an easy tool to add life to the soil. Your following crop will be AGTIVated by increasing soil health, creating a bigger root system to uptake even more nutrients and water.

To learn more, read the complete article.

AGTIV the canola rotation inoculant


Learn how the tripartite symbiosis works

The tripartite symbiosis is the biological interaction between mycorrhizae, rhizobium and the plant. See in the image below how it works.

AGTIV Tripartite symbiosis to increase yield

1 - Mycorrhizae take up P & water from soil to transfer to plant
2 - Plant can give more P to rhizobium to fix more N
3 - Plant will photosynthesize 51% more and grow faster
4 - Plant gives carbon to its rhizobium & mycorrhizae partners
5 - Mycorrhizae will propagate and spread rhizobium to other roots

By enhancing root system growth and creating a network of filaments, mycorrhizae help plants to uptake more nutrients, such as phosphorus, and increase the nodulation process for the rhizobium.

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See how you can increase your crop productivity

Yearly, various field demonstrations of our technologies are performed, both by our team and by the farmers themselves. Consult the 2017 Efficacy Report to discover the proven results showing the effectiveness of the active ingredients contained in AGTIV® products.

2017 Premier Tech Efficacy Report

Yield increase on peas

Yield increase on soybean

Yield increase on lentils

Yield increase on durum wheat


AIM18 in pictures

See below pictures of Ag in Motion 2018. Stay posted for more pictures.

Ag In Motion 2018

Ag In Motion 2018

Ag In Motion 2018